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Lewis Texidor provides digital mastering for any artist or genre, providing masters that meet commercial standards and are faithful to the original mix on any playback device. 

  • The cost of mastering starts at 50$ per song. If you submit more than 5 songs at once the price drops down to 40$ per song.

  • Typical turnarounds for masters take 24-48 hours unless Lewis' contacts you prior with any issue on availability.

  • 1 revision will be provided. Any extra revisions will have a fee of 10$.

  • When submitting your track, make sure you are providing the highest resolution possible of your mix and at 24bit bit depth for maximum dynamic range. If you are mixing at 48Khz 24bit,  please do not send a sample converted file at CD quality like 44.1Khz 16bit.

  • Make sure your mix has enough headroom and it is not clipping (anywhere between -6 dbTP and -3 dbTP) to leave room for the added mastering processing.

  • A master at CD quality will be provided, and high quality WAVs and MP3s can be provided upon request.

For any additional questions or you are ready to submit your tracks and payment please reach out to: