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LEWIS TEXIDOR 2019. CONTACT AT lewis@lewistexidor.com

'born in florida, raised in spain' as i like to say. i started very early playing drums and developing my passion towards music, pretending i could play drums to "yes" records and trying to follow my father's bandmates while jamming to a 12 bar blues in the basement. 


as soon as i turned 14 i was determined to learn guitar, influenced by my eagerness to write songs and the inspiring songwriting abilities of nobuo uematsu. I started playing in several local bands while living in spain and right around 16 i began to develop an interest in live sound and audio engineering. my interest led me to work as an intern in a couple of studios, and to further develop my abilities as a songwriter.

with all this music going on in my life, i decided i really wanted to make this happen and moved from spain to the u.s to attend the atlanta institute of music.  i first graduated in the guitar certificate program and later obtained my degree in music and technology. i then started working as a music instructor at "music authority" and occasionally working as a substitute teacher at the "atlanta institute of music". 

i am currently dedicated to teaching, producing/recording/mixing out of my studio arcology and FREEDOM ACADEMY OF MUSIC. playing live music with bands like afterglow,  the vibes and my original project hearkening to andromeda

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